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Benefits of Hiring us

Benefits of Hiring us

Some Unique things that makes us different from others

Dedicated Project Manager

Multiple Design Concepts

Expert Designers & Developers

Fast turn around time

No Binding Contract / Cancel anytime

Communication & Support

Software Integrations

We integrate with your team on your desired platform.


Our Professional Product Sourcing Services Globally helps you to increase your profit margin. Please submit your requirements in the below mentioned form and send all your details about your products you want to import. When we have the details for the service order, you will soon be contacted by your designated customer representative. No matters where are you in the world we provide worldwide support.

We are Sourcing for Retails, Company, Concerns, Enterprises. Product Packaging, Industrial Machines, Airplanes, Car Import / Export, Medical Equitment, Construction Machines, Chemicals, Soap, etc or making your own Products.

We will help, with Design, Manufacture, Suply Chain Management, Quality Management, Legal Services, From Idea to Reality.

Valuable Steps for our Services

»   If you need personalized products, give us your order for service or goods via email or also receive free quotation.

»   Less than 24 hours, we will respond to your email and discuss about service or product specifics and help you find best matching excellent suppliers and send final quotation, which is best and lowest.

»   Pick up and submit samples to you following confirmation of the size, delivery date, date of payment and other information. Also Confirm all the specifics before ordering delivery after you have checked the sample. Set the deposit to order.

»   Help you control production, inspection of output, reports on products. Also, provide support and coordinate the transfer of customs. Indication of suitable freight forwarders.

»   Also we help in Shipping, Taxes and custom Clearance.

»   Order Finish.

How we Help our Customers in Product Sourcing

Newarc Network have decades of experience and knowledge in sourcing. We can help you to find the ideal supplier for your
business. We offer the following services to our valuable customers:

No MOQ :  MOQ means (Minimum Order Quantity). We are a wholesaler and we do not enforce an MOQ. Whatever size of your order, we can entertain you and strive to source the best products and meet all your requirements.

Source Everything as per your Demand :  Newarc provide you all sourcing products services with their experienced sourcing agents. We believe we can help you find the right supplier even for the rarest of goods.

Lower Sourcing Price :  We are considering multiple suppliers for different quotations. Our experienced customer representative will bargain on your behalf to provide you the best quality at the lowest cost. Newarc Network can give you the lowest price for your quality products.

Assembling & packaging Product :  Newarc Network can source different products from various suppliers. It save your time and improve your business competence. They are also providing assembling and packaging of the products. These products will be
in a ready position to sell.

Product Sample Verification :  Once we have found the best supplier and the deal is done. We inform about your product
specification to supplier and collects samples of your products. These samples are sent to you for confirmation. Once you are satisfied, then Newarc Network will confirm the manufacturer to running your order.

Following-Up your order :  After your order has been placed then we will supervise for you the length of the production process. We always focus on Client satisfaction and on time delivery.

Cost-Effective Services :  You can confirm your order until you’re pleased with what we’ve heard and quoted. Our service fee depends on the amount of your order. There are no up-front costs prior to the delivery of your order. We have a service guarantee that your order does not incur any extra costs.

Was Development in Overseas Weighing You Down?

Overseas manufacturing should be a rewarding and profitable experience but unfortunately, Some businesses are facing
enormous problems and stumbling blocks that can make them lose out. Even the most experienced companies can become overwhelmed by service, pricing, and quality problems. There are four most common issues of international sourcing:


Financial Challenges


Communication Challenges


Product & Materials Challenges


Production Process Challenges

These above mentioned situations are time-consuming and also damage your company’s reputation and customer relationships. Newarc Network is here to help deliver the right approaches and solutions for your company needs. We provide One Stop Sourcing Services and remove all barriers to get you in the right direction.

Why Choose US?

Setting the Whole Structure : We are not just source your products but we Structure the whole process from finding the right Supplier, Signing the Contract, Helping in Shipping, Handle Taxes and also provide all Legal Services etc. Mostly companies just focus on sourcing but we are with you from start to end. Our best practice is you just focus on sales and marketing. Because your business will have a greater chance for success if you can spend less time on purchasing and more on the lifeline of your business.

Experience & Specialization : This is the most important point in choosing sourcing companies because there are various companies with various specializations to source may be in relation to a region, a commodity or a supplier. But Newarc Networks never compromise on experience & specialization. We have specialized and experienced team who are expert in sourcing, handle Tax matters and custom clearance without any barrier

Product Quality Guarantee : Newarc Network only work with those suppliers who guarantee the quality of their product.

Ideal Services : We know the importance of time for you, you just focus on your selling business, we will handle all things in China until you receive goods, help you save money and time.

Language : A good sourcing company is not restricted by languages. If you want to hire a sourcing company, find one that does not have any language barriers and Newarc Network have the best and worldwide language services we have specialized team who are multilingual and deal with all countries persons. We will ensure you we have experience of working with foreign clients and There are no communication lapses or language barriers that can affect your business.

24/7 Customer support : Newarc Network best thing is we are always here for our customers and provide 24/7 support. In case of any query you’ll contact us in any time, we are here for you.

Reasonable Prices : Most of the sourcing agent will charge extra charge, such as inspection fee or other hidden charges. But we are always offer ideal and reasonable prices. Through our network of customs brokers, we can provide you with a quote that will include all import costs as well.

Customer Satisfaction Testimonials :   We are always choose customer satisfaction first because if our customer is satisfied then we’ll be successful in our aim. If you have any hesitation then we’ll also provide you our customer Testimonials

Integrity :   Newarc Network is always value integrity. We won’t reveal our Customer product to companies who don’t need to be involved in the sourcing process.

FBA Sourcing Company :   Newarc Network is an experienced FBA Sourcing company. They provide quality services to its professional sellers around the globe.

Verified Suppliers :   Newarc Network company is always deal with verified suppliers and will inspect your shipment when the order is ready. We are not obliged to support any one factory, but will offer your company the best factory.

Quality Control :   Newarc Networks provide you with an extra degree of quality assurance and on-site inspections by independent third party inspection firms.

Return Policy :   We do take precautions to avoid issues, the manufacturer in China will repair or credit these faulty parts should you receive faulty product that did not follow the written requirements you provided us with prior to production.

Working Process

Products Inquiry : You give us your requirements with specifics of the products you need, such as target audience, credentials, product features, functions, product pictures, etc. We start testing and verifying the specifics with you as soon as we receive your application.

Verified Supplier : We start to find the most suitable suppliers for you tailored to your requirements. We will screen out suppliers and find you the most qualified one who are able to meet your requirements.

Confirm Quotation : We will give you the quote they give us once suppliers have accepted. If you have any concerns about the price and specification, we will negotiate with the manufacturer and discuss further to ensure that he can satisfy your demands.

Samples Arrangement : We will continue to arrange the production and distribution of samples when you notify us the quotations and items (after you place sample orders with us, we do not charge the service fee for sample orders). If you have a lot of samples from different suppliers, we will bundle them all together and send them directly to you. With one shipment, that means many samples, saving you time and money.

Contract Signing :In this stage if you are satisfied with samples then we move forward our process and signing contract with Supplier

Orders Processing : After signing contract, you place official orders with our service fee to us. We begin to follow up with suppliers about the orders status, to make sure orders are running smoothly and delivering as scheduled. Our work for this part includes: quality inspection, packing/label check, and logistic.

Quality Inspection : Manufacturers will change the product materials to another standard of quality or obsolete materials, for several reasons. It is safer to carry out a quality inspection to prevent the possibility. Our Quality Inspection Service lets you check how your manufacturing operates, how your goods are manufactured, what your products are made of, and how they store
your products, etc.

Shipping Arrangements :  Once orders are done, we will arrange the shipments and it has passed our quality inspection. As we have already cooperated with many Freight Forwarding and Express companies in this sector over a long period of time, we are familiar with the shipping process and freight costs, so we can provide you with reasonable freight costs and ensure that shipping is smooth.

Custom & Tax Clearance Services :   As you know we are not just a sourcing Company but we are also providing Custom and tax clearance to our customers and also handle all legal issues on your behalf. 

Post-sales Service :  Having the shipments that we send to you is not the end of our programs, it is the beginning of our further cooperation. After you receive the items, if you find any issues on the products, claim faulty products, harm to shipments, etc., we will always work with the vendors and have solutions for you

What is Product Sourcing?

Global Product Sourcing is a method for identifying goods you can market for your business. It is not a matter of whether the source is domestic or foreign. It’s about keeping goods always available to the client. Global procurement also aims at making the distribution of a good or service more effective at global level. When you’re new in your business, note that before you buy goods, your company must be going. You can’t market otherwise, so you will be left with your stuff. Before buying, any of the items you would have All business documentation, Registration of your business and also must define your niche business and market accordingly, etc.

Product Sourcing Process

Supply a product is not just a quest for and negotiation with cheapest manufacturer or some other platform. It is now known to nearly any businessman. Most of them will not know that the acquisition starts until a manufacturer is identified. Here are some steps you must consider:

»   Seek to identify the exact practices that can lead to successful sourcing.

»   Seek to learn all the supply chain components that go into a premium product.

»   Signing contract with supplier and check all terms on your behalf.

»   Find out how the manufacturer can make the most return to you and List both domestic & International merits and demerits of sourcing.

»   Start search domestic or foreign markets for suppliers. After a supplier decision has been taken, each sub process from a manufacturer to the shipment shall be closely evaluated.

»   You will now be able to make intelligent management decisions by using every move.

What Does a Product Sourcing Agent Do?

Sourcing Agents are specialists who support and make the sourcing process of an institution or a company. Product
sourcing describes the process of finding a source for a product you want to sell. They usually speak the language of the country from which you come, are similar to possible suppliers geographically and are familiar with customs. China is one of the most popular sourcing countries because most of the goods can be produced quite cheaply. The distributors or vendors have a good partnership and will negotiate at cost. They also help establish deals and ultimately lead to a business’ growth and productivity. They play a third-party role in a recruitment firm, advising and guiding their client and recommending to senior staff. They will do activities in various sectors and work environments.